Regenerating the voluntary carbon market through high-quality climate solutions. We enable financing for high-quality climate solutions through a data-driven, science-backed, and well-regulated framework.

Learn how Callirius
can provide you with impactful carbon credits and climate investments.
Invest in climate solutions
You can invest in climate solutions which have positive social and environmental impact.
Support local projects
Financing local projects boosts healthy ecosystems and a sustainable development of local communities.
Accelerate your decarbonisation journey
Reducing your carbon footprint is the first step in becoming a climate neutral business. Carbon credits help you counterbalance unabated emissions.
Enable the 1.5°C pathway
Your investments can make climate solutions financially viable. Helping us reach the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Learn how Callirius

can market your climate project.
Get funding for your project
If you’re looking to fund your high-impact climate project, Callirius is the marketplace for you.
Sell on a transparent platform
Tired of hidden fees and questionable effectiveness? Callirius is the platform for transparent climate projects.
Benefit from fairer prices…
We aim to couple levels of impact with levels of revenue. Better for the planet and for your margins.
...and lower fees
At Callirius, we aim to reduce the carbon market value chain and keep only value-adding participants. You won’t pay extra fees to fund your projects.

Why Callirius

High Quality

We manage a dynamic and diverse climate portfolio with nature-based climate solutions around the globe. All climate solutions are screened to ensure quality, passing strict evaluation criteria. This way we can maximise your climate impact.​


We ensure full transparency on all of our solutions. Tracking your carbon credits on-chain means every transaction is transparent and easy to access, eliminating hidden pricing and unnecessary red tape. You get the relevant carbon certificates at the right price. ​


Our climate projects create true community impact by focusing on solutions that strengthen the local biosphere. We work exclusively with projects which guarantee a net positive impact on the environment, biodiversity, social justice, and human rights. ​

All About Carbon Offsets

The founding team

Co-founder, CEO & Chairman

Ebrahim Attarzadeh

Co-founder, Head of Distribution

Rudolf Maier

Co-founder, Head of Project & Policy

Michael Grohmann

Co-founder, Head of Product & Technology

Tim Schuldt


What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

Dr. Jane Goodall

Partner with the planet.

Reach net zero with Callirius.

Carbon removal can be overwhelming. Callirius is here to make it real.