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Why partner with Callirius

There is a shortage of funding for high-quality climate projects in the voluntary carbon market. This is because the private sector is hesitant to finance projects due to lacking regulations and transparency. 

To solve this issue, Callirius offers your high-impact climate projects to corporate and institutional investors in our broad network. We first want to understand your needs to connect you to the right partners.

How we enable climate solutions

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We look for high-impact innovative projects, and those recognised by international standards, focusing on reputable certifiers.

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Methodology check

We select projects that are sustainable and future-focused, running our own data-driven quality engine to ensure integrity, consistency and a truly positive impact.

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Risk assessment

We conduct internal and external risk assessments to calibrate the likely impact of the project. 

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Structured funding solutions

We create optimal funding structures to match the needs of both project owners and funding providers.

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Process development

Once an agreement is made, and the project is ready, we kick off process development. 

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Sales progression

We then structure climate solutions into carbon credits, making them available to investors.

OUR partners

Make climate action come true. Advance your climate solution.

Climate action can be overwhelming. Callirius is here to help you.