Our climate solutions offer high levels of impact with high levels of quality.

Why invest through Callirius

There is a shortage of access to high-impact and high-integrity climate projects. Mainly due to the lack of regulation, of independent quality assessment, and of constant external monitoring & verification of project progress.

Additionally, project owners are reluctant toward corporate investors due to historical cases of greenwashing and disregard of actual project needs and conflicting interests. To solve this issue, Callirius builds a high-quality project portfolio to match the needs of both project owners and investors while ensuring high integrity and educating stakeholders on decarbonisation and compensation claims.

We assess our solutions accross 6 key impact areas:​

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We explore additionality to ensure the marginal contribution of a carbon project.

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We analyse permanence initially and continuously, together with experts and through remote sensing data to estimate how long the project’s positive impacts will last.

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We quantify the climate contribution of a project compared to its baseline scenario.

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We examine sustainability-aligned co-benefits for our projects to ensure they align with SDGs and produce a diverse impact.

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We look in depth at all external elements that may affect the project, including political and economic factors, regulatory changes, and conflicting initiatives

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We scrutinise all project owners and value chain partners, looking for reputable track records and previous successes.
What makes Callirius unique:

Transparent and fair pricing

At Callirius we aim to reduce the carbon market value chain and keep only value-adding participants. You choose which project to support with no hidden costs.

State-of-the-art funding

We explore tailored funding solutions that fit the project lifecycle and minimise risk. You can fund directly the climate solutions you choose.

Curated project portfolio

Callirius focuses on securing funding for the highest impact nature-based solutions, in the places where it matters the most. You optimise your resources for selecting carbon projects thanks to our project quality assessment and expertise.

Accessible Project Portal

Callirius has created the solution to bring together financiers and project developers digitally, so that you can access a broad selection of climate solutions in one place.

Partner with the planet. Accelerate your climate action with Callirius.

Carbon markets can be overwhelming. Callirius is here to help you.

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