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We all know trees pull in carbon for photosynthesis, taking it out of our atmosphere, and storing it for the life of the tree. Our solutions include reforestation and afforestation, as well as enhanced forest management practices. Creating forests that are resilient, adaptable, biodiverse, and carbon-rich.



The ocean is a massive carbon sink, sequestering 40% of the carbon emitted through fossil fuel burning since the industrial revolution. We work to protect the seafloor and increase biomass in the ocean through alkalisation and fertilisation. The ocean is an essential tool in mitigating the climate crisis.



Wetlands are essential for local biodiversity and the future of our climate. They are one of the few land-based ways to permanently store carbon. Our wetland projects include peatland rewetting and mangrove forest protection. These sensitive ecosystems not only prevent future CO2 emissions, but also capture additional CO2 from the atmosphere.

Soil and Agriculture


More carbon is stored in soil than in all aboveground plants. Through land modification strategies, we can alter the global carbon cycle by increasing the soil’s organic carbon stocks and biomass production. We also use soil management strategies to increase carbon concentrations in the soil.

We assess our solutions accross 6 key impact areas:​

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We explore additionality to ensure the marginal contribution of a carbon project.

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We analyse permanence together with experts to estimate how long the project’s positive impacts will last.

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We quantify the CO2 removal of a project compared to its baseline scenario.

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We examine sustainability-aligned co-benefits for our projects to ensure they align with SDGs and produce a diverse impact.

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We look in depth at all external elements that may affect the project, including political and economic factors, local plans, and conflicting projects.

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We scrutinise all project owners, looking for reputable track records and previous successes.

What makes Callirius unique:

Transparent and fair pricing

Callirius’ solutions all offer transparent and fair pricing. Your money will fully fund your chosen project with no hidden costs.

State-of-the-art funding

Callirius believes in value-adding market players. We give you the opportunity to choose which high-impact climate solutions to fund.

Local and high-impact​

Callirius focuses on securing funding for the highest impact nature-based solutions, in the places where it’ll matter the most.

Accesible marketplace

Callirius has created the platform to bring together buyers and sellers in both the primary and secondary markets for effective project discovery.

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