High-impact nature-based projects require continuous monitoring

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Callirius and climate tech startup OCELL partner to continuously monitor forest projects available in Callirius' marketplace

  • Both German-based startups have agreed on their interest to join forces for project procurement for forestry solutions tracked with OCELL cutting-edge technology

  • They are already in discussions for a joint pilot of a forestry carbon removal project in Europe, certified by existing carbon standards

  • Callirius and OCELL are also excited about the potential opportunities to co-develop new products and services to regenerate the voluntary carbon market and make it transparent, accessible and effective

The story of OCELL and Callirius has been a strong match since the beginning of the conversations a few months ago. Founded by Germans, both emerging climate startups share the ambition of enhancing the monitoring and verification of nature-based projects in the voluntary carbon market to ensure effectiveness and climate impact. This is ultimately critical for encouraging the flow of more capital into climate action. 

With its proprietary AI-based technology, OCELL will conduct the digitalisation of forestry from projects, which will issue carbon credits that will be distributed via the Callirius marketplace. Additionally, OCELL technology enables regular monitoring, verification and validation of existing and future forest projects.

It is vital – especially given current trends on climate disasters – to continuously track the state of the trees and the land of forestry projects. This ensures that the carbon absorption is not disrupted and that the carbon credits issued are actually absorbing the CO2 they are meant to absorb. This is now enabled for the buyers that choose Callirius for contributing to climate action through carbon investments.

OCELL and Callirius want to demonstrate the benefits of the blockchain when it comes to seamless audit trail, transparency, avoiding of double-counting and immutable updates on the project via MRV and other data.


Together, OCELL and Callirius have the potential to strengthen the climate and carbon ecosystem in Germany and in Europe in the near term. Forest owners and project developers locally can finance and market their projects and secure a fair benefit thanks to the enhanced framework that both startups offer together. While OCELL’s technology will help them take care of their forests in a more efficient and scalable way, the reach of the Callirius marketplace will help them find the right buyers for the carbon credits derived from the tonnes of CO2 absorbed by their forests.




OCELL provides cutting-edge technologies for forestry allowing forests to fully realise their potential as a sustainable resource as well as a highly efficient CO2 reservoir. OCELLS’s “Dynamic Forest” makes forest management information digitally accessible. Thus, information on stands, parcels, site maps, truck roads, high seats as well as many other geo-data types can be accessed and filtered directly in the forest. This makes planning in the forest easier and more transparent.


About Callirius

Callirius develops a financing, brokerage and digital marketplace that enables corporates and institutional investors and individuals as well as forest owners to find suitable financing partners for projects that allow the emission of CO2 certificates in the voluntary carbon market and to facilitate the buying and selling of such certificates / voluntary carbon credits. This Marketplace enhances project and certificate transparency, improves market and pricing efficiencies, and allows more participants to engage in this important market.

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