Promoting Baywa AG’s regenerative practices for a german sustainable future

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🌍🌱 We are glad to announce our collaboration with BayWa AG to advance their flagship nature-based regenerative projects. As a marketplace for regenerative nature-based solutions, Callirius’ goal is to support projects that have a positive impact on climate, biodiversity and society. Through this partnership, Callirius will promote BayWa AG’s innovative projects and seek the necessary financing to scale them up.🌿 Our first collaboration effort focuses on two scalable initiatives: Combayn Naturacker and Combayn Klimawald.

Combayn Naturacker aims to support biodiversity by converting underused urban spaces into productive agricultural land. This initiative creates a positive impact on the German living environment and local food systems, while promoting healthier lifestyles for our communities. The project combines innovative urban agriculture techniques with sustainable land use practices, enabling the cultivation of fresh produce in urban areas

Combayn Klimawald, on the other hand, is a reforestation initiative that uses innovative technology to optimize the growth of trees and reduce the carbon footprint of timber production. This project represents a great opportunity to mitigate the effects of climate change while promoting sustainable forestry practices. The project focuses on reforesting degraded lands with native species, using technology to monitor the trees’ growth and optimize their carbon sequestration potential

🤝 If you are an investor or enterprise interested in supporting these initiatives and making a local climate contribution in Europe, we invite you to get in touch with us to learn more about the opportunity.


📈 Combining BayWa AG’s expertise in project development with our nature-based solutions marketplace’s financing capabilities, we can create a meaningful impact and promote positive change in our society.

About Callirius


Callirius’ mission is to bring private capital directly to climate impact through a digital marketplace, providing climate solutions with access to new funding sources while giving enterprises & investors access to high-integrity nature-based climate projects. At Callirius, quality and integrity are based on a scalable data-driven, science-backed, and regulated framework. Our tech-powered Callirius Quality Engine and due diligence identify the overall positive impact on climate, nature and society. 

About Baywa AG

BayWa is a globally active group with the core segments of Energy, Agriculture and Building Materials, as well as the development segment Innovation & Digitalisation it develops leading projects and solutions for the basic human needs of food, energy and building.

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